29.10.17 14.59 Hello my friend! Will put down few words daily as promised for more than a year now :) 11.10.17 became a full year here in "Supermax". Took a pen today because delaying seemed a bad option. There are so many thoughts in the head that it's hard to decide where is a start of them, so the easy way is to write them down as they come. Today is a lot like a day in London, the air is full of humidity, mist is so thick that the sky seems only 50 meters high and you can feel the water in your bones. We don't have internet here and our access to books is limited, so if mistaken in any facts, dates or writing some word in a wrong way, you will just have to forgive me :) To be honest- just getting things off head and you are really reading this it's even better you can tell when it starts to look too crazy.... Have to be grateful to the Estonian Republic for closing me here-this time has been a wondeful opportunity to read, study, train and revalue many thi…